ScrankDesigners Portfolio



The sites are from Scrank's artist's portfolios.

These works reside at as examples of Scrank's designer's past & present works.

Some sites are not fully functional as they are no longer active.

Some works in this portfolio are sites
done in contract with Scrank.. Since then current online versions of these sites may have since changed.

Newest Additions
DynamiteDeals.Net - We built this EXPLOSIVE site for a client across the whole country via E-mail, phone and US mail. It is a testimony of the ease of serving clients 100's of miles away.
DynamiteDeals.Net is a fully Dynamic Database driven site, Our client populates his site via a Scrank Empower Control Panel, which allows his employees to update all data on his site from a web browser without calling us for additional design.
Therefore, saving lots of money!
The River Church
- This church likes to rock for God so our designer built a site that truly ROCKS! Enriched with clever HTML graphics and video clips, The River Church serves their God with full impact style.

Flash Styles

Custom Kare - This high speed graphics rich site sports hot products in pro style - A must see.
At the client's request this site was made specifically for surfers with high speed access and new computers only.
BWC & Interiors - A classy interior design site specializing in Beautiful Window Coverings.

Dutchess County Classic - A yearly marathon sponsored by Dutchess County's greatest establishments.
Maison Lafitte - Enjoy dining in the beautiful Maison Lafitte mansion.

Scrank Business Card Web SIte™
Kimmy's Collectibles - A Standard/Deluxe Scrank Business Card Web Site™ with an extra page.
John J. Pezzo CPA - A Standard/Deluxe Scrank Business Card Web Site™ with an extra page.
This site has an control panel which enables the client to update his tip of the week without having to call Scrank for service.
BWC & Interiors - An introduction to a new product called Beautiful Window Coverings.
Custom Kare - A Standard/Deluxe Scrank Business Card Web Site™ we made that attaches to this clients online store and his Flash presentation.

Other Scrank™ Styles
Chelsea Biologics Laboratories - A specialized blood work laboratory.
HaiR ArT International - A nationally acclaimed Online publication for the beauty industry.