Scrank Hosting Contracts in Three Varieties
Includes FREE setup

3 Year
Scrank™ Hosting Contract:

Get 50% off 1st year.
$299 per year billed quarterly.
You save $149.50

Save $30.00 more when three years are paid in advance.

2 Year
Hosting Contract:

Get 25% off 1st year.
$299 per year billed quarterly.
You save $74.75

1 Year
Hosting Contract:

Our basic package
$299 per year
billed quarterly.

Scrank™ Hosting includes:

  • Initial Set Up of Your Account
  • Set up of Your Domain Name - means you can use your
    very own domain name. This makes your
    Web presence more professional and more
    memorable to visitors.
    We can help you register a new domain
    or transfer your existing domain to
    Scrank's™ nameservers.
  • Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts / Web Based.
    400 email accounts allow you to provide
    email for your domain to your employees
    as well as allowing you to separate mail
    for different topics like customer
    service and support. Many companies
    offer fewer email accounts and charge
    you extra when you need more. Scrank™
    includes more in our packages so you pay
  • Telephone Support*
  • Storage Space- 500 MB
    Storage space is the amount of memory on
    our servers that we provide to you for your
    Web files. Your Web files can include
    html pages, images, audio and video
    files, log files, data from on-line
    forms, and anything else you wish to
    load to your account with Scrank™.
  • Data Transfer - 20 Gigabyte
    Scrank™ will provide you with 30GB of transfer
    data per month.
  • SSL Secure Server
    SSL is used to encrypt pages on your site,
    allowing you to safely accept
    personal information from customers
    such as credit card numbers.
    Most hosts charge up to $10/mo
    or a setup fee for SSL, but at
    Scrank™, it's included!
  • MySQL
    We provide our customers with the
    MySQL Database and the phpMyAdmin
  • International Domain Names
    Many customers use country domains
    with TLD's other than .com, .net
    or .org. Scrank™ is proud to provide
    hosting with international domain names,
    but we do not currently register
    international domains.
  • Forwarding Accounts Unlimited
    At Scrank™, we don't limit our customers.
    With our Business Pro package, you
    will be able to forward as much email
    to your ISP mail account as you like,
    with no additional fees.
  • Unlimited Auto responders
    An autoresponder is an automatic message
    sent whenever you receive an email
    message. You'll find them useful
    in making announcements and confirming
    that you've received a customer's email.
    Some services limit your ability to use scripts
    to customize your site. Scrank™
    provides you with your very own
    CGI-BIN to allow you to develop
    your site to the fullest.
  • CGI Library
    We not only include a cgi-bin with your account,
    but we also provide helpful scripts for you
    to use to improve your site in our
    CGI Library.
  • PHP Support
    PHP is a programming language that has proven
    very useful, so Scrank™ has included
    PHP in our server configurations to allow
    you to use PHP in your site.
  • Server Sides Includes
    Server Side Includes allow you to dynamically
    include data in your Web pages.
  • Log Files + Site Stats
    Scrank™ provides the raw data generated by
    the server from your site to you in
    the form of log files. This gives you
    the flexibility to manage and analyze
    your own site data.
  • FrontPage 2000/2002 Extension
    For those customers who choose to use
    FrontPage to develop their sites,
    Scrank™ provides extensions to work
    with FrontPage 2002 at no extra charge.
  • Account "Control Panel"
    The account control panel allows you to:
    - Upload files
    - Change your password
    - Monitor space usage
    - Check Email
  • FTP Access
    Scrank™ provides an account control panel
    that allows you to upload files, but
    we also allow you access to use your
    favorite FTP program to manage and upload
    your files.
  • Anonymous FTP Accounts
    Anonymous FTP allows you to place large files
    for download in a location where
    anyone can download the file without
    a username and password.
  • Browser Based Email
    Our Control Panel allows you to manage your
    email messages from any computer
    with Web access. This is another
    convenience included in being an
    Scrank™ customer.

Commerce Releated Features

  • SSL Secure Server
    SSL is used to encrypt pages on your site,
    allowing you to safely accept
    personal information from customers
    such as credit card numbers.
    Most hosts charge up to $10/mo
    or a setup fee for SSL, but at
    Scrank™ it's included!
  • Password Protected Directories
    Set up password protection on any directory
    in your account from within your account's
    control panel.

Multimedia Capabilities

  • Real Audio & Video
    We offer Real Audio and Real Video to
    our customers at no extra charge!
  • Streaming Audio
    Streaming audio is fully supported.
  • Macromedia Shockwave
    We support MacroMedia Shockwave, Flash, and many other development tools on our servers, including Dreamweaver and Frontpage 2002
  • MIDI File Support
    Our servers support MIDI files for your convenience.
  • MIME Types
    Scrank™ keeps its servers up to date with
    the latest mime types to allow you the greatest
    amount of flexibility possible. We even take
    reasonable requests for adding MIME types
    as well.

World Class Technology

  • High Performance Dell PowerEdge Servers
    Scrank™ runs an up to date, high quality
    server system to help you make the
    most out of your site.
  • Customized Apache Web Server Software
    We run Apache Web server software, a highly
    configurable and extremely powerful
    software package.
  • Dual OC-48 Connections on Diverse Backbones
    We have redundant T3 connections to
    our servers to provide more than
    enough bandwidth for your site.
  • Cisco Routers Using BGP4 Protocol
    We use Cisco routers with BGP4 protocol
    because that's the best solution available,
    and the best solution is what Scrank™
    is all about.
  • Daily Tape Back-ups
    We back up your files daily in order to protect
    your data and help you succeed.
    We do, however, recommend you copy your
    own files regularly as an extra precaution.
  • UPS Power Back-up, Diesel Back-up Generator
    We run UPS power backups along with a
    backup generation system to make sure
    your site doesn't go down, even in a
    power outtage!
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
    Our System Administration team monitors
    the network 24 hours a day, 7 days
    a week to ensure your site is up
    and running at all times.

    Once you have fulfilled your Scrank™ Hosting Contract your credit card automatically gets billed $74.75 quarterly. You may cancel Scrank™ Hosting with us for any reason, anytime after your contractual obligation comes to a close. No problems, no hassles.
    First 5 email accounts setup for free. * 2 Hours a year per account specifically for trouble shooting web site errors.